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Healthy Breakfast to Reduce Cholesterol Using Bread, Cinnamon and Honey

According to medical experts, honey is very helpful in treating many diseases, and when it is used in in combination with cinnamon, it becomes an weapon to treat viruses, including high cholesterol and blood pressure.

A healthy breakfast

Take 2 slices of brown bread. Toast it. Instead of applying butter or cheese or jam, just spread one-two teaspoon of honey on the breads and sprinkle some cinnamon powder. Thats it. Your healthy breakfast is ready. Have this with a cup of green tea or normal tea or milk. 
Breakfast : Bread with honey and cinnamon

This is very effective in reducing your cholesterol level. In the long run, this can help prevent blockages in blood vessels, heart attacks and hypercholesterolemia. It is worth mentioning that in Ayurveda, honey is referred as 'Yogavahi', the meaning of which is that it is the carrier of the healing values of the herbs to the cells and tissues. Cinnamon is know to have many effective antimicrobial properties. 

In both traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicines, the combination of honey and cinnamon has been used for centuries because of its unique healing abilities.

Top 5 Best Healthy Eating Snacks

Most of the time, you deal with your food craving by consuming different types of high-calorie junk foods to fill up your stomach in-between the meals. Although these junk foods are lip-smacking and appear to satisfy your yearning for food apparently, nothing is there to mention about these foods when it comes to their food value or nutrient content. So, it is always better for you to go for the healthy eating snacks whenever you feel like having something to pack your stomach so that these snacks fill up your belly and at the same time provide you with the sufficient amount of energy that you require to perform your mundane duties. 

Here’s the info on the Top 5 Best Healthy Eating Snacks that are not only good for your health but are also ideal as fillers between meals.

Dark chocolate
Yes, dark chocolate is one of best healthy eating snacks, which you can consume from time to time, but be careful about the quantity that are you eating at a time. Try not to eat the whole bar, eat a couple of pieces at a time and eat some other healthy food like the pomegranate seeds alongside with the chocolate pieces.
Dried fruits
Fresh fruits are always good as fillers between meals, but when you are fighting hunger, it becomes a messy job to cut the fruits before eating those. So it’s better if you keep with you packs of dried fruits at home and while traveling outside. Just remember one thing, do not buy anything with added sugar as this type of food can incur undesirable consequences such as heart disease and diabetes.

Protein bars
Packaged protein bars are extensively available at all the grocery stores and supermarkets, and enjoy the popularity of being health bars - perfect as snacks. But the fact is these protein bars contain a lot of added sugars. So in order to avoid the health hazards caused by the artificially sweetened snacks you can look for interesting recipes online and prepare your own protein bar at home. 

Fresh sweet corn
Fresh sweet corn is a low-calorie food, which you can consume anytime as a healthy and tasty snack between meals. Essential nutrients, which comprise of carbohydrates, minerals and dietary fiber, and antioxidants as well, make corn a must-have for the young and the old alike. There are a wide number of unique recipes, which you can try at home and satisfy your hunger between meals. 

Spicy raw carrots
Raw carrot does not taste so good when consumed in an unseasoned manner but if you can add some spices or sprinkle some seasonings to it, you can enjoy it as a great healthy eating snack. If you cannot manage time sprinkling salt and black pepper over it will also do fine.

Lose Belly Fat Fast With These Home Remedies: Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat

It has become not only the trend but also the demand to lose belly fat as soon as possible not only among women, but also among men, who to look fit and toned with a flat belly. You too are not an exception to this growing trend. This is good because belly fat is something that not only looks bad but is unhealthy too. The fat that is deposited around your tummy is the main factor, which leads to some serious health related conditions like stroke, diabetes, dementia and heart attack. Here are the details provided to you on some very useful home remedies to lose belly fat.

How to lose belly fat

The role of foods is the most essential when it comes to the reduction of your belly fat. You need to plan your diet with nutritious but low calorie foods, which will help you to lose your belly fat. An increase of your metabolic rate and the detoxification of your liver are possible only if you consume these low calorie foods, which eventually help you to lessen your abdominal fat.

Lemon water for reduction of belly fat
Detoxification of your liver is indispensable for an improved metabolism of your fat that is found around your tummy. If you drink lemon water your enzymes will be increased, which will further lead to the proper detoxification of your liver. This will make your liver function ideally and food will be metabolized properly.

Cranberry juice for losing abdominal fat
A number of organic acids, which act as important digestive enzymes, are found in cranberries. These organic acids, such as quinic acid, malic acid and citric acid, serve as emulsifying agents to melt the rigid fats that remain in the lymphatic system. This lymphatic system has a very important role to play in the excretion of the waste products from your liver. The processes of your fat reduction and digestion of your lymphatic wastes are quickened with your consumption of cranberry juice. Of course, if you really want to reduce fat, make a habit of drinking cran-water or cranberry juice, which contains no artificial sweetener.

Fish and fish oil to lose belly fat
Fish and fish oil alike, contain omega-3 fatty acids. These omage-3 fatty acids, which comprise of linolenic acid, docosahexaenoic acid and icosapentaenoic acid, break down the fat, which has deposited around your belly. So eat fish or have fish oil to intake these omega-3 fatty acids for melting down your belly fat.

Moderate exercises
Get at least half an hour of moderate exercise at least 4 days a week. Walking is helpful provided it is brisk walking and you sweat and breathe harder. You can also opt for jogging and cycling You need to do this for 20 - 30 minutes a day.

Ginger lemon honey tea, raw garlic and chia seed preparations can also be very helpful for your belly fat reduction.
Image source: indiatimes.com

Clean Your Arteries Naturally, Foods and Drinks for Natural Unclogging of Arteries, Home Remedies for Removing Clogging in Arteries

The blood vessels that take oxygenated blood from the heart to different parts of the body are known as arteries. As such the uninterrupted flow of arterial blood is indispensable for your healthy long life. For this your arteries need to be kept always clean, various types of medical cures being there for you, which can keep your arteries unclogged. But most surprisingly, without opting for these complicated medical procedures you can clean your arteries naturally by consuming a couple of easily available naturally grown fruits, vegetables and essential food supplements.
Soucre: www.undergroundhealth.com

Arteriosclerotic Vascular Disease
Atherosclerosis or ASVD or Arteriosclerotic Vascular Disease is the medical term that denotes the thickening of the arterial wall or the clogging of the arterial vessels. It is the leading cause for heart diseases and casualties worldwide that are result of the interrupted flow of arterial blood. However, this clogging of arterial vessels can be taken care of only if you can make some necessary and important changes in your daily diet.

Foods and drinks for natural unclogging of arteries

  • Garlic, which is found abundantly in nature, has been proven to be a very useful element in preventing the formation of atheromatous plaques in the arterial vessels. So consume garlic regularly to unclog your arteries naturally.
  • Cold-water fish, which includes tuna, salmon, sardine and mackerel, contain large quantities of fat but are very helpful in the prevention of arterial blockage. You need to eat cold-water fish at least twice a week to avoid atheromatous plaque build-up.
  • Green Tea, which contains catechin, helps you in your cholesterol absorption when you digest your food. Catechin is a very useful natural antioxidant and phenol. Drinking one or two cups of green tea on a daily basis augments prevents the blockage of your arterial vessels.
  • Coffee is also very helpful in lessening your chances of being stricken with heart related diseases by almost 20%. It is not at all harmful but effective in reality for your heart if you can drink 8 to 6 ounces of coffee every day. You have to just take care about the quantity of everything that you consume. Excessive amount of anything when consumed may cause disturbances in your heart rate and blood sugar level.
  • Coconut oil: You will also be surprised to know that all saturated fats are not harmful for your health and also not the main cause for atherosclerosis. This is proven and so, if you can consume 2 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil on a daily basis, you can lessen plaque build-up within your arteries.

Follow these simple but useful tips to unclog your arteries without surgery and lead a hale and hearty life.

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